Chris Novinger of Mansfield, Texas is a No-Risk investor and retirement consultant who is the managing partner at Safe Retirement Experts and who wrote the Estate Black Book, which has redefined the estate planning process, as we know it.  An expert in specialized investment and guaranteed income plans, Chris comes up with specific plans that are tailored to his clients’ needs.  Chris loves his chosen field because he is able to work closely with clients to increase their assets, while guarding against unforeseen losses as they approach retirement.  His job is to provide the peace of mind they need to retire safely and securely.

Christopher Novinger

Christopher Novinger

Chris also wrote the Client Profile Assessment, which is a decision tree questionnaire that imposed a new standard of assessing client needs and concerns to better navigate in the world of financial choices. According to Chris, his involvement in this industry arose specifically because he has a passion for “helping clients allocate portions of their earnings into products that are safe with little or low risk.”  He lives his life by the Golden Rule meaning he insists on doing for his clients, helping them to achieve security, comfort and peace of mind, in the exact same measure that he endeavors to provide for his own family and life.

Chris is motivated by a caring spirit to be an asset for both his clients and the members of his community.  He is a family man as well as a part time Pastor at his local church.  His passion and commitment to living a service-oriented life naturally extends itself into his practices at work. He uses marketing services geared to inspire a co-creative partnership with clients for whom his expertise is in the process, while the client is the expert in his own life and needs. He fosters a co-creative partnership with his clients based on vital communication, transparency, trust and Chris’s in depth knowledge of the myriad of products and sources available.  Clients ultimately choose the products based on the plan they hand craft together. Chris Novinger does not over-pursue clients the way many of his competitors might.  In fact a majority of Safe Retirement Experts’ clients seek the company out via their own research or by word of mouth from other clients who feel working and investing with Chris was the best decision they could have made.

With family at the core of his world, Chris Novinger feels blessed to have been married to his soul mate for nearly 20 years.  Chris and his wife have two children; a son 16, and a lovely daughter 12. He knows intimately well what it means to provide a safe future for those we love and want to protect and continually provide for.

Chris Novinger wants you to know “I’ll help you evaluate your circumstances.  If you’re getting good advice, I’ll tell you that you have a trustworthy advisor and you should stay there.  If I determine your savings are in jeopardy, I would be remiss if I didn’t divulge that I know other ways to get you back on track.  You can take this to the bank: I will never make a recommendation to a client that is not in their best interest.” Your best interest is the heart and soul of Safe Retirement Experts. It is what Chris’s reputation in the business world is based on. It literally is the founding principle upon which Safe Retirement Experts is built.