Looking to improve your personal finance management skills? There are many tricks of the trade to be aware of when assigning value to each thing you spend money on. Here are three tips to keep in mind when managing your personal finance.Unknown-4

Use your vacation days! That is right, contrary to what many believe if you leave vacation days on the table at the end of the year it is not reflected in bonus compensation. Your extra work time is not paying off if you do not use them! Credit.com states that those who leave 11-15 unused vacation days on their plate are 6.5% less likely to obtain a bonus than those who do not. It is also reflected through the power of relaxation, for every 10 hours spent vacationing, review scores increased 8%.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch” or free data. AT&t’s unlimited data plan has a trick up its sleeve to catch consumers in a fee trap. The Federal Trade Commission brought a lawsuit against the telecommunication company earlier in the month citing that after 2 gb of data use their connections slowed significantly. The most extreme cases of this are outlined by loading speeds up to 95% slower.

Car loan market could be heading for trouble. According to the WSJ banks have been lax about the loans given out for car loans. With the average value of loans exceeding car value, this might have led to the 60 day delinquent number to exceed $4 billion. That number is up 27% from last year, along with a 17% increase of bank write off from these bad loans.

Personal finance is a combination of many things coming together in harmony for the benefit of the individual, if done so the right way. Taking the tips that are offered in this blog and others by Chris Novinger may help you making financial decisions!

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